How to place an order?

It’s a piece of cake, really 🍰 

You choose the thing you like from the collection, click on it and add it to the cart. After that, you go to the checkout, fill in all the fields, and choose the delivery and payment options. Press ‘Place order’. 

Voila 🎉 Your order is placed.

Where do you guys make deliveries from?

We make deliveries from your favourite place – Lazarski University in Warsaw 🧡

Can I pick up the merch at the uni?

Sure! 😌

While completing your order, please choose the ‘On Campus’ option in the delivery section. In the confirmation email you shall have the and time you can pick it up in room 100A (sector A,  first floor).

We’ll be happy to hand an order to you personally 📦

How much for delivery?

It depends on the city you order delivery to. The price of delivery to any point in Poland costs 17 PLN 🇵🇱

In case of international delivery, the price varies and depends on the country 🗺

Email us info@shop.lazarski.pl or DM us on Instagram @shop.lazarski to get more info.

How long does the delivery take?

If you are in Poland, you will have the order in 3 to 5 working days. If you are in any other country, delivery takes 7 – 14 working days.

I am not in Poland. Can you send the order to my country?

Yup, we can 😎

The merch I got is not what I’ve expected. Can I return it?


Absolutely, you can! Contact us on email info@shop.lazarski.pl or DM us on Instagram @shop.lazarski, so we can order a courier to your place or meet you on campus. 

How long can I keep the merch before I return it?

You have 14 days starting from the day you’ve got your order 🗓


Take a cool photo, post it on your social media and tag us @shop.lazarski

You literally have no idea how happy we’ll be 😭❤️

Even if you still haven’t ordered anything, but just like what we do here – we’ll be thrilled to hear your voice it on social media! 

How will I receive my refund?

You’ll receive the money to the bank account you’ve paid for your order 💳

What are available payment methods?

You have BLIK and bank transfers.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept payments by cash (as of now 😉)

Can I touch and feel the merch before buying it?

If you are in Poland, yes. We have all the collection presented in room 100A (sector A). Come on Tuesdays or Fridays from 12:00 to 16:00. We’ll show it to you with pleasure! 🕺

Is it the best merch I've ever seen at any uni on the planet? ❤️

Yes, indeed 🤤

I have more questions 🤔

No probs! Contact us on email info@shop.lazarski.pl or DM us on Instagram @shop.lazarski, so we can talk it over 🤜🧡🤛

And as always. Thanks for being with us🧡


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